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Message from Mayor Kiyomoto of Himeji to citizens about the response of the new coronavirus city
Message from Mayor Hideyasu Kiyomoto to the citizens of Hyogo Prefecture in response to the immediate response policy regarding the new coronavirus infection
Message from Mayor Kiyomoto to the citizens regarding Himeji City's response
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Message content
In Japan, the “Emergency Situation Regarding New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases” was made, and Hyogo Prefecture also showed its immediate response policy, such as further refraining from going out, securing a medical system, and requesting leave.
 In Himeji City, the "Himeji City Emergency Situation Declaration" was made, and with the goal of reducing contact with 80%, which is the national policy, the city will work on the following.

 In order to protect the lives and health of yourself and those around you, it is necessary for each and every one of you to respond.
 First, please protect your own life.
 Next, take actions to protect the lives of your precious family. Please do not go out of your house unnecessarily unless it is necessary to maintain your life. Please do not go home, travel, or have dinner.
 Based on the prefecture's response, the city hall itself will do its best to achieve 80% contact reduction. Specifically, we will reduce the number of employees going to work by working from home and taking leave by organizing groups. If it is unavoidable that you have to go to work, we will try to alleviate the congestion during commuting by staggered hours.As for the window service of the city, in principle, we close all unnecessary and urgent matters. About department, window which is indispensable to citizen's life, we will reduce by about half.
 Regarding clerical work for public offering and bidding for business, we will revise the method of bidding conducted in one place, expand the electronic bidding that has already been introduced, and further consider introducing postal bidding.
 A childcare center /certified children's school who has special circumstances from April 17th (Friday) to May 6th (Wednesday), giving top priority to the lives of important children. We will shift to "special childcare", which provides childcare only for children. Please consult if you have difficulty in childcare at home, such as those who need to continue working to maintain the functions of medical staff and society. The same applies to after-school children's clubs run by the city.
 Parents should act based on "protecting the lives of precious children with their own hands."
 Also, all business operators in the city should consider the guardian's sentiment, and take Hyogo Prefecture's request for business closure and request for cooperation for business closure seriously.
 Finally, Himeji City will take the human life as its top priority and take prompt action. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation in overcoming this difficult situation.
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