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Kobe City Medical Center Central Citizen Hospital announces cluster infection of new coronavirus
Kobe Municipal Medical Center Central Citizen Hospital confirmed 14 inpatients in hospital and 14 patients with new type of coronavirus infection, including hospital staff, on April 9 and 10


Presentation from Kobe City Medical Center Central Hospital
In our hospital, we confirmed 14 new coronavirus infection patients such as inpatients and hospital staff in the hospital for two days on April 9 and 10.
For the time being, the new coronavirus is to be restored as soon as possible as a main hospital in Kobe city area and as a last fort to protect the lives and health of citizens. 
 We will review measures for infectious diseases and the medical treatment system of hospitals.

 We apologize to the citizens for their concerns and inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.
(1) Measures against new coronavirus infection
Wards that may be contaminated will be closed and thoroughly disinfected.
 Staff with a possibility of infection will be kept at home and monitored for health.
(2) Maintenance of hospital functions by reviewing the medical treatment system
We will stop accepting new inpatients and new outpatients (however, consultations for outpatients and outpatient chemotherapy will be conducted).
 Some procedures and operations are also restricted.
(3) Emergency
Stop accepting emergency outpatients.
 In principle, we limit the acceptance of emergency transport.
 The above restrictions are temporary measures. We will make efforts to resume normal operation as soon as possible.
(4) Other
In accordance with the guidance of Kobe City Public Health Center, we will strive for an early recovery of hospital functions.
Kobe City Medical Center Central Hospital


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