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The season is iced and released! Two kinds of taste, summer limited
A confectionery maker "Onza-Syodo" (Ahoko, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture) has developed a spin-baked ice bar bearing the company name.
Released at two stores in the city. Similar to rotary roasting, using fresh anko made at our own factory, kneading fragrant baked dough to differentiate it from competitors' products. Promote "Red Ann" and "White Ann" in two flavors, "It's delicious even in summer.

 We have been conducting demonstration sales of "Gozaseki" since its inception in 1950. Currently, there are 78 stores in department stores and stations inside the country. The company sells freshly made warm products, but said, "We have struggled with attracting summer customers for many years." In particular, it was said that last summer's intense heat caused customers to stay away.

 Therefore, after a one-year initiative, we created the "Giza-Cho Ice Bar" that can be eaten in the summer. The red of the bean paste uses flavorful red beans produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and the white, "there is nothing else", is stuck to the white kidney bean "Kinudo", which has a creamy taste. Milk and eggs were not used, and sugar and corn starch gave a moderate sweetness.

 The person in charge says, "We will expand sales in the future, aiming to become a standard summer product."

 140 yen each. Limited to the end of August. Currently sold at the head office factory shop and Sanyo store (in Minamicho, Sanyo department store). TEL0779 ・ 282 ・ 2311

 (Kobe Shimbun NEXT)


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