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Himeji's sightseeing spots are OK if only here コ Recommended by locals in Himeji😉
Here are some recommended spots for people who came to Himeji for sightseeing and play, and who would like me to come back from Himeji.
Himeji Castle, a world heritage national treasure🏯
Himeji Castle, a World Heritage National Treasure, is also known as Shirasagi Castle because of its beautiful white appearance.
Himeji Castle should look here!
There are plenty to see, but if you're just information-heavy, you may not be able to enjoy the air of the moment. 
 So, here is the carefully selected Coco! Take a sightseeing while enjoying the air and atmosphere of Himeji Castle just by holding down! 
Himeji Castle has a number of tricks to make it harder for enemies to attack you on the way to the castle tower. By the way, the battle never took place in this castle, thanks to its difficulty in attacking. 
 The height of the stone steps varies. 
 This is to prevent the enemy from running and attacking at once. 
 The road to the castle tower is difficult to understand. 
 Humanity naturally uses the psychology of traveling on a wide road, and the road leading to the castle tower is narrower than other roads or on the way. Or make the gate smaller. Currently, information boards are installed and you can go to the castle tower without hesitation. 
 No. ③ が The ceiling is low. 
 The ceiling is lowered to prevent enemies from swinging their swords. 
 The road on the way is dark. 
 On the way, there is a place through the building. Inside, it is dim without a window. This is to take advantage of the darkness and deprive the enemy of vision. At present, light is installed and it is bright. 
 Please walk and experience the difficulty of attacking. 
Before going to the castle tower, there is a hole in the wall. I see it open. This name is Sama. We will attack enemies that have been attacked with weapons such as matchlocks and bows and arrows through this hole.
coco③ Stone mill "
When Hideyoshi Toyotomi built a castle in Himeji, the construction was not easy due to lack of stones and not enough stones to be used for stone walls. Hideyoshi, who was in trouble, issued a sign to offer the stones to the townspeople. Then the poor grandmother living in the castle offered a stone mill saying, "This is useless, so please use it at least." Stone mills at the time were expensive and a necessity of life. Hideyoshi received it and used it as the most important castle wall stone wall. The people of the castle who heard this story provided stones for themselves, and the castle was completed immediately.
Here ④ “Okiku Well” < /div> In Japan, there has been a ghost story called Banshu Sarayashiki. The stage is Himeji Castle.
Coco @ "Himeji seen from the castle tower"
Look at the castle town of Himeji from the castle tower and enjoy the mood.
Are you up to the castle tower?
The way to the castle tower is long, with many steps and stairs, and I think some people will be tired normally. If you're climbing, get in shape! 
 If you are sick or elderly, or if you have a lot of schedule and no time, please do not overdo it. 
 And unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot be viewed alone. It is dangerous to have one helper. In the case of two or three skilled assistants, you can tour from the entrance gate to the vicinity of the keep group. 
 I think it's a wonderful castle that can be enjoyed just by looking at it from close range.
How long does it take?
Depending on the situation at the time of congestion, you can see it in about an hour if it is not crowded.
What are the entrance fees and opening hours?
▷ Entrance fee
Adult (18 years old) 1,000 yen Child (elementary school /junior high school /high school student) 300 yen Group fee (30 or more) 2 discount High school student who is 18 years old will be charged child fee.
▷ Entry time
9 From 0:00 to 16:00 (closed 17:00) From April 27 to August 31 from 9:00 to 17:00 (closed 18:00 )
▷ Closed days

From December 29 to 30 (planned)
Miyuki Street Shopping Street
A shopping street on the way from Himeji Station to Himeji Castle. 
 Don't go through the main street in front of Himeji Station.
Good old garden
A beautiful garden located just west of Himeji Castle. 
 It is also used as a location for movies and TV dramas. 
 I enjoy the seasonal plants. 
 If you are interested in Japanese gardens, why not stop by?
What are the entrance fees and opening hours?
▷ Entrance fees
Adults (18+ ) ¥ 300 yen Children (elementary and junior high school students, high school students) 150 yen ※ Prior to elementary school before school is free. * For 18-year-old high school students, child rates apply.
▷ Opening hours
< br /> April 27-August 31 9:00 am-6:00 pm (Admission until 5:30 pm) September 1-April 26 9:00 am-5:00 pm ( (Entrance until 4:30 pm) Closed days December 29, 30 * Opening and closing times may be changed due to events.
Tea room `` Sojuan ''
You can enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets in the tea room. 
Himeji Station Shinkansen Platform🚅
Himeji Station is the station where the Shinkansen passes at the fastest speed among the Shinkansen stations. How about experiencing the speed of the Shinkansen while taking care of safety at the Shinkansen platform?


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