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Osaka decides to introduce a new coronavirus tracking system
Osaka Prefecture has decided to introduce a new corona tracking system in case of a new corona outbreak at a store or event venue.
What is the new Corona Tracking System?
A system that uses a two-dimensional code (QR code) to quickly contact the participants and users of events and attracting customers when an infected person occurs and prevent the spread of infection. Event organizers and stores will obtain the code from the prefecture's website, print it out, and post it at the entrance of the venue. Participants and users will read it, register their e-mail addresses, and will be notified by e-mail if an infected person occurs at the venue or facility.
It's just a contact network rather than a tracking system.
 Some people may be reluctant when it comes to tracking systems.
 It's already adopted overseas.
 If this system is not available, this system is effective because it will take time and time to know the dense contacts if a mass infection occurs.
Is personal information okay?
Governor Yoshimura said, "Registered e-mail addresses are managed by Osaka Prefecture, not by each business operator, and by creating a mechanism for tracking coronas in consideration of Japan's privacy system, we will be able to manage the type of business we are doing now. However, we are trying to take measures against infectious diseases. Our main theme is "coexistence", and we are running toward that. "
It is safe because Osaka Prefecture manages personal information and does not know the store.
Governor Yoshimura said, "I want people to use it in many prefectures, we are not a business person, but an administration, so I think that expanding it will help prevent the spread of infection. If we do not use IT, it will not be possible from now on. We will try to find a way to save lives by managing socio-economic activities while taking measures, and to manage both ways. I think so. "
Introduce "Osaka Corona Tracking System". In the future, measures to prevent corona infection using IT will be essential. Unlike Taiwan and South Korea, Japan has a legal system that emphasizes personal information. I thought about what I could do in that. Simply register and let us know if positive people or clusters occur at facilities or meetings.
 (Quoted: Hirofumi Yoshimura, Governor of Osaka Prefecture Twitter)
“By carefully creating a system that tracks coronas while taking into account the Japanese privacy system, we will be able to manage the business format we are doing now and manage infectious diseases. It's a theme, so I'm running toward it. "
 (Quoted: Hirofumi Yoshimura, Governor of Osaka Prefecture Twitter)
⭐︎ Osaka introduces new corona tracking system
 ⭐︎ Contact network rather than tracking system
 ⭐︎ If a mass infection occurs at a store, etc., contact them by email at once.
 ⭐︎ Introduced in May


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