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The Abeno Harukas Observatory Harukas 300 will resume operations from May 21!
Obeno Harukas Observatory Harukas 300 is back in business!
⭐︎ Harukas 300 business restarts from May 21
 ⭐︎ Business hours are from 10:00 to 20:00
 ⭐︎ Last entry is at 19:30
 ⭐︎ Perfect measures
 ⭐︎ Edge the Harukas, heliport tour, fixed view guide, caricature service will be canceled for the time being
 ⭐︎ Bars, shops and photo services will resume in June!
Harukas Observatory 300 has resumed business!
 He has taken appropriate measures for the new corona, such as entrance restrictions and body temperature checks to avoid three-way traffic.
 Enjoy the scenery of Osaka and enjoy the 58th-floor floating garden!


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