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Country designated important cultural property "former Noriya House"  Noriya Housing History Hall 
The former Noriya House is designated as a national designated important cultural property, and a magnificent building group is stored at the time of the building and garden where the best of the architectural technology in the Edo period. You can also experience salt and experience. 
what kind of place? ? 
The former Noriya House (country designated important cultural property) has opened a large-scale salt field at the late Edo period, and the private house built by Norisu Takeho Shimo, who built "Shio Kingdom". On the premises of about 3000 tsubo, there are a group of six six six six buildings, mainly in the main shop, and the tea room is seen around the garden, etc.  In addition, in the sake, we display historical materials and folkers from the Edo period on salts. 
You can visit the beautiful Japanese garden and the old Japanese architecture. 
It seems that Mr. Tatsuro Inagaki of SMAP came in the Location of the Inugami family! 
Salt making experience (Nazaki House Saltific History Hall) 
In the salt crucible experiment center in the former Noriya Housing, you can experience salt dark water called irrigation and make salt, and can bring the freshly made salt to your own bag. Salt creation will explain the learners of the Experience Museum to understand. 
"Salt Touristic Experience Hall" (It is located in Nazaki House Saltific History Museum site) 
Start time 
Morning 10: 00-  Afternoon section 14: 00- 
Or more than elementary school 
50 people 
Please make a reservation by phone by phone one week. 
Reservation telephone 
Opening time 
9: 00-16: 30 (17:00 Closed) 
closing day 
Every Monday (the next day for public holidays) 
Charge for salt and taste is free! 
Where is it? ? 
What is the opening hours? ? 
Opening time 
9: 00-16: 30 (17:00 Closed) 
closing day 
Every Monday (if it is a public holiday, the next day)  New Year (12/25 to 1/1) 
Prices? ? 
General charge 
Adult (higher school students or more) 500 yen  Elementary and junior high school students 300 yen  Infant  ※ Sen-junior high school students and high school students are free every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are free.  ※ If elementary and junior high school students and high school students are used as part of the class, it is free.  ※ The people of the school group are free.  ※ If you have a disabled notebook, there are two admission fee. (One person and one supplier)  ※ Discount can not be used together. 
Group rate  (More than 30 people) 
2 discounts for general rates  Adult (higher school students or more) 400 yen  Elementary and junior high school students 240 yen  Infant  ※ Please make a reservation in advance in the group. 


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