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One of Japan Hundred Castle Jet Black Castle "Okayama Castle" 
Meisei, Atsushi Toyotomi, Maki Hidehide, Meihide, Keisen. It is said that Oda Nobunaga's Anzhuba Castle Temple Cabinet was built, and the Mt. Country is an unusual unequal pentagon. 
what kind of place? ? 
Where is it? ? 
phone number 
■ Bus: Okayama Station from Okayama Station "Okudo High Reading", Double Basket "To Higashiyama Tomoji Temple" Everyone gets off with "Province Office in front of the prefectural office", 5 minutes on foot  ■ Road Train: From "Okayama Ekimae" to "Higashiyama Line", get off at "Castle", 10 minutes on foot  ■ Automotive: About 20 minutes east from Okayama IC 
What is the opening hours? ? 
business hours 
9: 00-17: 30 (17:00 admission is 17:00) 
December 29-131  ※ Closed for repair work until it is around June 1st and 2022 (scheduled). 
Prices? ? 
grown up 
Pity 320 yen 
Small people (elementary and junior high school students) 
130 yen 


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