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Ohara Museum of Art, Museum of Museum, Market and Go Gin in Kurashiki Mi 
The Ohara Museum is a temple like a temple in Kurashiki Miki area. A wide range of exhibits from famous Western paintings such as Monet and Go Gable to Japanese contemporary art. 
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Where is it? ? 
What is the business day? ? 
Opening time 
 9:00 to 17:00 (admission is 16:30)   Golden Week may extend some opening time. Please refer to the following opening calendar.   Closed day: Every Monday/Winter Closed   Opening day when closed day is a holiday, transfer holiday overlapping  Summer «late July to August» 
Opening calendar 
Prices? ? 
Admission fee 
¥ 1,500 
High school, junior high school, elementary school 
500 yen 
※ less than elementary school students are free. 


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