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Okayama University students only! Free lunch for 300 people a day! !
Lunch box free distribution (300 meals limited) Student-initiated project "Okadai student food support × activation of local restaurants" started for a limited time from today!
The bento distributed on June 1st,
J Terrace Cafe,
Family Mart,
Oka University Co-op,
To get a bento,
After wearing a mask,
You must show your Okayama University student ID. 
 On June 2nd, lunch boxes will be distributed in front of the Shimizu Memorial Gymnasium from 6pm. 
Today's free bento distribution was a great success and ended in 20 minutes! We would like to thank all of the restaurants who made delicious lunches that are full of volume and nutrition. I think that Oka University student's stomach as well as his heart were fully satisfied! Tomorrow is 6pm. Students, please come and visit us!

Quotation source Okayama University Twitter 
Lunch boxes will be distributed for free every day for a while!
I would like to thank all the volunteers.
If anyone knows how long this project will last, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.


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