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AEON CINEMA Okayama resumes business
AEON CINEMA Okayama was refraining from business due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but announced that it will resume business from Monday, May 18th.
The cinema is finally back!
 It was a great news for movie lovers!
 Please pay attention to your health and enjoy the movie.
⭐︎ Business restarts from Monday, May 18
 ⭐︎ Body temperature test in front of lobby with new corona measures
 ⭐︎ Seats are sold in front and rear rows and one side
 ⭐︎ Disinfectant is installed in the building
 ⭐︎ Let's protect Sakae tickets!
 ⭐︎ If you are not feeling well, let's talk to the staff!
Information on business resumption
Thank you for your continued support of AEON CINEMA.
 The AEON Cinema was temporarily closed due to the issuance of the emergency declaration, but the hotel will resume operations from May 18, 2020 (Monday).
 We will continue to take preventive measures against the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases even after the business is resumed. Thank you for your cooperation.
Guidance (5/18 update) about new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures
Regarding the preventive measures for the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, AEON Cinema is making the following requests and responses.
 We will endeavor to reduce the risk of spread of infection from all perspectives so that customers can watch movies with peace of mind.

 ■ Request before visiting
 -In order to prevent splash infection, in principle all customers are requested to wear masks.
 Please cooperate with wearing a mask etc. when watching, except when eating and drinking.
 -Please refrain from visiting if you are uncertain about your health, such as if you have a fever or cough, or if you have visited a country or region where the infection has spread within the past two weeks. ..
 -Please cooperate with online purchases without cash transfer (e-seat reserve) and cashless settlement.

 ■ Request for temperature measurement in front of the lobby
 Please take a temperature measurement before entering the theater lobby.
 Please note that guests with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher may not be allowed to enter.

 ■ Request and guidance for cooperation in the building
 -Please cooperate with cough etiquette.
 -If you are not feeling well, please contact the staff.
-Please use the disinfectant solution installed at the entrance of the theater.
 -When lined up with ticket vending machines, please line up along the marks at your feet.
 -Please enter a space with the people around you when entering and leaving.
 -Please refrain from eating and drinking in person or talking while you are watching.
 -If you are informed that you were watching the same theater and the same date and time as the infected person, please contact the public health center near you.
 -Seats and armrests are disinfected with alcohol.
 -We constantly operate air conditioning equipment to properly ventilate the air.
 -There are few tables and sofas in the lobby.
-A splash prevention sheet is installed at the cash register.
-Ticket vending machines, cash registers, and toilets are spaced apart.
 -We will use a change tray for the delivery of money.
-When you purchase popcorn at a restaurant, you will be given disposable gloves.
 In addition, we also give individually wrapped straws to customers who purchase drinks.
 -You can enter only by presenting your ticket.
 -Blanket rental service and use of jet towels in the toilet are suspended.
 -We have set up a special table to dispose of trash when leaving.
 -When using the escalator, please keep as much space as possible from other customers.
 -Elevator is limited to the number of people who can use it at one time, or only for those with handicap
 There are cases.
 -We are strengthening the physical condition management and hygiene management of employees, and wearing face shields and masks.

 ■ Other information
 ・ Happy Night screening
 The screening of "Happy Night" after 20:00 will be suspended.

 -Ticket sales with seat spacing (updated on May 13)
 Seats are sold with one row in front and one row in the horizontal.
 * Special performances other than movies, such as live viewing, and stage greetings may be excluded.

 ・ Temporary cancellation of advance ticket sales
 Same-day tickets will be sold only on the day of viewing.
 On the Internet (e-seat reserve), tickets will be sold from 0:15 on the day of viewing, and at the theater from the beginning of business on the day of viewing.

 -About the use of elementary, junior high and high school students during school holidays
 Since each local government has decided to take measures to close the school, we may not allow the elementary, junior high, and high school students to appreciate the school during the period.

 The countermeasures may be changed depending on the views of the government and local governments and the infection status.
 Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Inquiries to the theater
 Telephone: 086-235-0139
 (You can transfer to the operator from 9:00 to 18:00)
 Click here for the homepage of Aeon Cinema Okayama. 


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