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Qinglong Club @清水寺
Touhou guardian god, Seiryu
Walk through the precincts and Monzen-cho.
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  • The guardian deity of the east, Seiryu
     Walk around the precincts and Monzen-cho.
    At Kiyomizu-dera Temple, there is a tradition that a dragon, the incarnation of Kannon, will fly to Otowa no Taki every night to drink water.
     Yasha God, worshiped at Okunoin Minamiwaki-do, has been worshiped as a god who protects the land of the blue dragon and the main gods, cuts off bad people and connects good ties.
    At the Seiryukai, a group dressed in majestic costumes, headed by Seiryu, about 18 meters long, will patrol the precincts and Monzen-cho to pray for local protection and disaster elimination.
     While watching over the incarnation of Kannon, chanting "Minami Mukannon" and wishing Kannon's benefit.
    March 14/15, April 3, September 14/15 14: 00-15: 30
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