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[Closed] Kyoto Marui will close on May 30th
Kyoto Marui will be in operation for about 10 years in order to expire the 10-year contract with Sumitomo Real Estate, which owns the building.
⭐︎ Kyoto Marui will close on May 30th
 ⭐︎ Closed because the lease agreement with Sumitomo Real Estate expired in 10 years
 ⭐︎ 10 years of sales start
 ⭐︎ The stores to enter after closing are undecided
 ⭐︎ Currently closed temporarily to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus
Withdrawal from the endless downtown area of Shijo Kawaramachi.
 I haven't mentioned the effects of the new coronavirus, but it may have been. Currently it is temporarily closed, but it may be closed as it is.
 I want to quickly recover a healthy economy.


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