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Cancellation of temporary closure of Kobe City schools is determined on April 6
Kobe Mayor Kizo Kumoto has announced that he will make a decision on April 6 to resume schools in Kobe City.
Below is a message (partial excerpt) from the Mayor of Kobe to Kobe citizens.
To citizens (Mayor's message) (excerpt)
Children have not been able to go to school for more than one month, including the school break on March 3 and the spring break. We are working hard to secure a place for children, but some say they are nearing their limits.
 On the other hand, some parents are concerned that children will be infected in schools, and it is necessary to monitor the spread of infection in nearby areas.
 Therefore, the Mayor will decide on April 6 whether to request a temporary closure of the school or not.
To citizens (Mayor's message) (full text)
To read the full text of the message from the Mayor of Kobe, please click the following URL and go to the Kobe City homepage.


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