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Taiwan Castella Specialty Store "Biwa (Pompon)" opens to Ekizo 
A shop "Biwakata (Pompon)", which can eat delicious Taiwan Castella with familiar fluffy with Taiwan gourmet, open to Ekizo (Eko) 
Taiwan Castella shop familiar with Taiwan Suites Opens in Ekizo of Kobe Sannomiya Hankyu Building! 
Insta shooting is not good! ! 
What is Taiwan Castella? ? 
 A unique expression that listens for the first time saying the fluffy texture ! I'm very worried about what kind of texture! How about eating once! 
What is the menu? ? 
Drinks,  Limited to 30 meals a day   Tax-included 860 yen (Various)  
I'm going to buy before selling! 🤤 
Where is it? ? 
business hours 
10: 00-21: 00 
Street address 
Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Chuo Ward Kamacho 4-chome No. 1 EKIZO Kobe Sannomiya 1st floor D03 


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