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Suma Aquarium is back in business!
Suma Aquarium will resume operations on Thursday, May 28!
The Suma Aquarium is
 The self-restraint with the new Corona
 Business has resumed!
Suma Seaside Aquarium Business Reopening Notice
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases at home and abroad, Suma Seaside Aquarium has taken temporary closure from March 3 in accordance with Kobe City's response policy, but the declaration of emergency in Hyogo Prefecture has been lifted. We are pleased to inform you that we will resume operations from Thursday, May 28, in response to the 8th bulletin on the new coronavirus policy of Kobe City.

 Please refer to the following for measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection in the park due to the resumption of business. Also, please note that the business situation may change suddenly due to changes in the situation.
About new coronavirus infection prevention measures
When resuming business, we will give top priority to the safety of our customers and employees and work to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

 (1) Requests to customers when entering the park
 1. Please refrain from visiting the park if you have a flu-like illness, physical condition, fever or cough.

 2. When entering the park, all non-contact equipment will be used to measure the temperature of all customers. Please refrain from entering if the temperature is over 37.5 degrees.

 3.Please cooperate with the space (social distance) when entering the park and when using each facility in the park.

 4. Please kindly disinfect your fingers when entering the park. Also, you will be asked to wear a mask before entering the park.

 5.Since disinfectant solutions are also installed in major areas such as eating and drinking facilities and shop facilities in the park, please cooperate with us.

 6. We will stop accepting customer's checked items and rental items (strollers, wheelchairs, etc.).

 7. Please note that admission may be restricted depending on the congestion in the building.

 (2) Sales system
 1.3 Partial parcel restrictions (two places below) will be implemented to avoid congestion.
-Amazon Building B1F (1F large water tank only)
-Sea otter building B1F (one-way viewing)

 2. Indoor exhibition facility: In the live fish theater, the world fish museum, the penguin hall, and the sea otter hall, the manual door is always open for ventilation.

 (3) About attractions
 1. Attractions to be carried out
-Dolphin Live (Partial use of seats is restricted. Customers can view each other.)
 * Please note that this is a seating only and there may be restrictions on admission.

 2. attractions that will be canceled for the time being
 【Free attractions】
-Fish Live
-Sea otter meal live
 Penguin walk live

 [Paid experience]
-Touch the dolphin
-Dolphin feeding experience
-Touch the seal
-Penguin feeding experience
-Feeding experience for tortoises (Main building 3F)

 ・ Footbath in front of Capybara on the 3rd floor of the main building (exhibition continues) Cancellation of touch pool

 Please note that the business situation may change suddenly due to changes in the situation.
entrance fee
Adult (18+ years)
 ¥ 1300
 Chinese (15 to 17 years old or older)
 ¥ 800
 Children (elementary and junior high school students)
 ¥ 500
business hours
From 9am to 5pm


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