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Drive-through Hiroshima take-out support project closes with popularity
The event where you can purchase delicious lunch boxes at 10 restaurants through a drive-through will be closed.
◆ Date /Time: May 16th (Sat) /17th (Sun) 11:00 to 14:00 on May 20, 2020 * Rainy weather
 ◆ Venue: Hiroshima Agri Food Service Co., Ltd., parking lot site (2-18-1, Higashi-East, Saiki-ku, Hiroshima City)
 ◆ Scheduled sales /1 day /1,000 meals (planned) * It will end as soon as it is exhausted
 ◆ Payment method /Cash only
 ◆ 10 stores (Anagomeshieno, Ushikaku second son, Gyoza Ryu, Coordination, Laying, Tomiya, half bee, Hiroshima ekiben, Letoir friedon, Watayagochiso delica * Aiueo Jun
 ◆ Organizer /Drive-through Hiroshima Executive Office
 ◆ Inquiries: 082-241-5717 (Secretariat)
 ◆ Management cooperation /Chiyoda Pack Co., Ltd., Shingi Co., Ltd., Act Meat Co., Ltd., Yamatoya Sakeho Co., Ltd.
This event was so popular that the lunch boxes were sold out one after another.
 I was lucky to get a lunch box lunch!


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