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Himeji Yukata Festival 6/22 (Sat) / 6/23 (Sun) Held 👘🏯 G20, this year for 2 days
Himeji Yukata Festival will be held this year If you wear Yukata, there are various points such as movie discount and Himeji Castle free. Let's enjoy the Himeji
Deals for those who wear yukata on the day of the festival & Event information
During the festival period, there is a special discount for those who wear yukata only.
 Shinki Bus fare half price
 @Earth Cinema Himeji (Terasso 4F), movie ticket 1,100 yen (regular edition only)
 〇 Free admission to various facilities (Himeji Castle, Kokoen, Zoo, Museum *, Himeji Literature Museum *, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History *) * Permanent exhibition only
 2 round-trip tickets for Shoshayama Ropeway
 〇 In addition, there seems to be various discounts in the shopping street!

 Event information
 6/22 (Sat)
 17:00 Child Yukata Parade
 Himeji Castle Sannomaru Plaza → Nagabe Park → Jonan Park
 18:00 Opening Ceremony

 6/22 (Sat), 6/23 (Sun)
 ◇ Regional contact stage in Jonan
 Drum performance, musical, total dance, etc. at Seongnam Park
 ◇ Hospitality in the shopping street
 Sales of goldfish scoops, draft beer, snacks, etc.
 ◇ Opening a local store
 Opening a stall
Vehicle traffic regulations during the festival
Traffic restrictions will be enforced around Himeji Castle. Please be careful.
Various inquiries
〇 Himeji Yukata Festival Promotion Office
 TEL 079-287-3652

 〇 Notice of cancellation of stormy weather
 TEL 079-282-2012 (automatic response)

 〇 Inquiries about stalls
 Himeji Yukata Festival Stall Management Association Store Opening Office
 TEL 079-288-2381

 For more information about Himeji Yukata Festival, please visit the Himeji City official website  Himeji Yukata Festival  (click here).


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