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Himeji Terrasso Cinema Earth Cinemas Methods in Cinemas 
We examined how to see movies with the only cinema "Earth Cinemas Himeji" in Himeji in Terrasso. 

First of all, normal price 
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,800    2,200    2,800       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          3,200    3,300       
◆ University students, high school students ※ List student card     Normal    3D    4DX       1,500    1,900    2,500       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,900    3,000       
◆ Small person (3 years old or older), primary schoolchild, junior high school student     Normal    3D    4DX       1,000    1,400    2,000       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,400    2,500       
3D is a regular rate of 400 yen  4DX is usually 1,000 yen for normal rates  4DX Screen is a regular fee of 1,500 yen 
What is 4DX? ?
4DX "Emotion type (4D)" is the latest theater screening system for directing the leading of 3D. The 4DX motion sheet is perfectly linked with the scene in the work, and  Sheet operates to the front and rear left and right. I can stimulate the five senses of humans, such as light, wind, water (mist), aroma, smoke, rain, and I can join the story deeply to enter the movie. Please experience "the wonderfulness of experiences with movies with movies". 
If you look after 8 o'clock at night Late Show discount 
More  400 yen also gained more than a discount!   If it is a university student, high school student  100 yen Send!    Late Show Discount  is automatically applied to the movie screened on  8:00 or later . 
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,400    1,800    2,400       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,800    2,900       
First day discount every month 
More  600 yen is also advantageous!   If it is a university student, high school student  300 yen is also advantageous!    1 day 1 day , anyone can watch movies with great cinema! I have no choice but to go. 
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,200    1,600    2,200       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,600    2,700       
Every Wednesday Women Limited Ladies Day Discount 
Women  Every Wednesday   is more likely to be discounted  600 yen!   It is an enviable discount from men. 
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,200    1,600    2,200       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,600    2,700       
Senior discount when he became 60 years old 
 60 years old or older  More  600 yen is also advantageous!   You can enjoy movies at any time. 
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,200    1,600    2,200       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,600    2,700       
If either a couple is 50 years old, 50 a couple is discounted 
 If either of the couple is 50 years old or older , it is better to see  600 yen per person who sees without discount!   If you look at a couple, it is also doubled. 
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,200    1,600    2,200       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,600    2,700       
Discount for disabled people 
More  700 yen is also advantageous!  
   Normal    3D    4DX       1,100    1,500    2,100       3D + 4DX    4DXSCREEN          2,500    2,600       
Look at a movie cheap with advance ticket 
How to buy prepay tickets is introduced in detail at the  this site. 
Sometimes you can buy a pre-sale ticket at a cash voucher shop! 
If you go to a cash voucher shop, a movie advance ticket may be sold. When looking at the movie, let's stop and check. 
Apply for the preview session 
A screening party may be opened.  If you apply and hit, you can watch movies for free.  We will inform you as soon as the preview information is included. 
 The first recommendation is after all preview sessions. It is good because I can see a movie with  free .

 Pre-sale ticket  has a chance to buy even if the discount target is not possible, and if you can buy it, it is recommended because it can be viewed cheaply. But if you are troublesome to buy, wish you sell at a nearby gold ticket shop. I often buy a walk ticket at a cash voucher shop. There is no way.

Of the discount plan provided in the cinema,  The highest discount rate  is  Disability discount  was. And  The lowest discount rate is ,  Late Show .  All other discount rates were the same .

All discounts were the same regardless of the type of seat.

Discounts below elementary and senior high school students were originally no cheap price setting. 
We will update at any time as soon as you can see the films in other things. 

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2021/03/28 21:31
お得な金額は100円ずれてないですか? 通常料金が1800円でレイトショーが1400円だったらお得になるのは400円なのに500円お得?
2021/03/22 23:17
2020/09/15 21:40

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