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"The Suits Company Himeji Store" is closed Sale MAX70% OFF 
The Suits Company Himeji store is completely closed on Sunday, May 9, 202. Along with that, we are carrying out the closing sale of MAX70% OFF! 
Complete closing sale 
This  ¥ 26,000 (tax)  Men's Court is Price Down, and  ¥ 7,800 (excluding tax) !  The cheap cheap enough to think that it is a mistake! ! 
Ladies are partially targeted for part of the single item.   Uniform ¥ 1,900 (excluding tax) !  It is the winner! !  Both may also check if there is also a large discount discount of  30% to 40%!   Closed Sale is   May 9 (Sun)   Until! !  
store information 
business hours 
10:00 to 20:00 
Street address 
Himeji City Ekimae 338 Wat Building 
phone number 
There is a partner parking lot at a 3-minute walk,  3000 yen or more is purchased 1 hour free !  The partner parking lot is Star Parking. For a detailed location, please visit the map below. 
Is it the influence of new coronavirus? . .  It is sad to withdraw the shop from Himeji, but let's say that the sale is very good, so let's go! 
Closing sale 

2021/03/18 23:24

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