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A large number of Royal Hosts have closed! How is the fate of the Himeji store! ?
Royal Host has announced that it will close 70 stores. Will the Himeji Royal Host be closed? ? Urgent coverage! !
Announced that Royal Host will close about 70 stores
Royal Holdings (HD) announced on the 14th that it will close about 70 unprofitable stores such as the family restaurant "Royal Host" by the end of 2021. Demand fell sharply due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. Regarding the earnings forecast for the January-June period of 2010, we have revised down our net profit to a deficit of 15.5 billion yen.
 (Quotation:   Tenya and Royal Host, partially closed 70 unprofitable stores (Asahi Shimbun )  )
Upon hearing this news, I immediately checked from the official website of Royal Host to see if the Royal Host Himeji Honmachi store will be closed.

 But. .. ..

 I didn't have information about which store to close.

 If this happens, there's no help for it,
 Why not call the Royal Host Himeji Honmachi store directly?

 So I called the Royal Host Himeji Honmachi store.

 Pururururu .....
Yes, this is the Royal Host Himeji Honmachi store.
Hello, I'm sorry.
 I recently saw it in the news,
 Will that store be closed?
No, this store is not eligible.
 The Royal Host Himeji Honmachi store is not  closed ! ! Continue business! ! 
Royal Host Himeji Honmachi is a very popular restaurant in Himeji, so it was really nice not to close it!


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