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Maneki no Ekisoba Drive-Through Store opens at 10 am on Monday, April 13!
"Drive through Ekisoba," where you can hand over "Himeji specialty Ekisoba" while in a car, will open for a limited time from April 13!
[Monday, April 13th, open at 10am! ] Maneki no Eki Soba Drive-through store
“Drive through Ekisoba” is a place where you can hand over the Himeji sole food “Ekisoba” that you can get while riding in a car.
 Open for a limited time from April 13th!
 In addition to Ekisoba, we also sell curry rice, rice bowls, and ekiben, which boasts of Maneki food.

 Also, in consideration of 3 dense (close /close /closed), there is an eat-in space with separated seats, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

 ◇ Meeting place /Maneki Foods Co., Ltd. Himeji head office (953 Hojo, Himeji City)

 ◇ Period /April 13-early May (subject to change)

 ◇ Sales time /From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (open in April)

 ◇ Sales format /[Food and drink] Eating corner outside our company's parking lot or outside
 [Merchandise] Take-out by car or take it home

 ◇ Sale item /All items are provided as disposable containers that can be taken out (with a take-away tray)


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