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The combination decision of high school baseball Hyogo meeting lottery / Hyogo prefecture in Akashi city
The combination drawing of the summer high school baseball Hyogo competition which starts in July was held in Akashi city of Hyogo prefecture.
161 teams from 161 schools, one school less than in 2018, participated in the Kotono summer high school baseball Hyogo tournament, and the captains of each team participated in the lottery on 25th.
In the lottery, the top 16 schools in the spring prefectural tournament are sorted into separate blocks as the first seed school, the 16 schools lost in the second round as the second seed school, and the remaining schools draw lots. did.

 As a result of the lottery, Akashi Commercial, who entered the top four in the spring selection, will face Mita Gakuen and Aboshi winner, and Kobe International University who won the spring prefectural tournament will face Amagasaki Oda and Kitasuma winner. Was decided.
 In addition, Captain Hayao Nakai was selected as a player oath.

 The opening ceremony of the Kotoshi National High School Baseball Championship Hyogo Tournament will be held on July 6 at the Wink Stadium in Himeji City.

 (Sun TV)


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