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The University of Tokyo quiz king Takuji Izawa is coming to Himeji!
The Todai Quiz King Izawa Takuji, who is familiar with the quiz program, holds educational lectures in Himeji. We introduce contents of lecture and purchase method of ticket!
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  • Lecture information
  • Lecture information
    ◆ Theme
     "Study method from the beginning to fit each one"
     ◆ ContentTakuji Izawa's book, "Study Taizen", tells the episode of his era and the essence of passing the desired school by the shortest route.
     ◆ Date
     July 20, 2019 (Sat) 13:00 * 30: 30
     ◆ venue
     Himeji Civic Hall Large Hall 112, Soja Honcho, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture
     ◆ Admission (tax included)
     General 2,000 yen
     Student 1,000 yen
     S seat 5,000 yen
     * Admission is allowed for children 3 years and older. Student tickets are required to reserve infant seats.
     * 800 seats for unreserved seats.
     * S seats are 30 seats in the front three rows.
     ◆ How to buy a ticket
     Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Pia (Seven-Eleven, Ticket Pia stores) or at dealers. The P code required at the time of purchase is "642-492". Click the URL for handling stores!

    2021/12/31 18:50

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