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Decision to reopen schools from April 8 in Hyogo Prefecture and handling of school closures at prefectural schools
Hyogo Prefecture indicated the policy of handling pre-spring holidays at prefectural schools.
The following is the immediate policy for Hyogo Prefectural School announced by Hyogo Prefecture.
Immediate response policy (announced on April 3, 1980)
During the spring holidays, while taking preventive measures against infection, educational activities are limited to the school and only supplementary lessons related to club activities (up to 2 hours) and credit recognition are permitted.

 For the time after the spring holidays, from April 8 to April 19, certain actions and time limits will be set based on the guidelines for the implementation of temporary holidays (revised version), etc. , Classes, etc., we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

 The following infection control measures will be taken to avoid "sealing", "crowd" and "closeness" (3 principles).
Infection prevention measures to be implemented
(1) Attendance at school
 Set the time such as start at XX and end at XX without commuting

 (2) During class
 Short courses will be held, and the school will use XX hours a day.
 Open indoor windows wherever possible, and provide frequent ventilation.

 (3) Lunch
 Thoroughly wash your hands before meals and avoid meals facing each other to avoid splashing.

 (4) Club activities<3> Thorough implementation of the three principles, up to two hours within the school. At least on weekdays, the 1st, 2nd and 4th school districts are 2 days, the 3rd and 5th school districts are 1 day, and the 1st on the Saturday and Sunday. ・ 2 and 4 school districts must be closed for 3 days, and 3rd and 5th school districts for 2 days.

 (5) Disinfectant
 Put ethanol for disinfection

 (6) Entrance ceremony and opening ceremony
 Simplified implementation
If you are worried about going to school
For the time being, for children who cannot attend school due to anxiety or worries about infection, we will take care not to be absent at the discretion of the principal with the consent of parents, so please do not hesitate to consult with the classroom teacher etc. Please give me.

 In each home, please refrain from going out of your house unnecessarily and urgently and take the following measures.

 (1) Eliminate the source of infection
 Thoroughly check temperature every morning and check cold symptoms etc. in cooperation with home

 (2) Cut off the infection route
 Thorough instruction on hand washing and cough etiquette

 (3) Increase resistance
 In order to improve immunity, give thorough guidance again at school so that you can keep enough sleep, moderate exercise and balanced meals
Hyogo Prefecture Corona Countermeasures Home Page
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