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Himeji Seaside Golf Course ⛳⛳ if one golf is golf with a sense of walking 
An introduction of a single golf plan that golf can be golf with a sense of walking while avoiding 3 dense 
1 golf outline 
How to think about one golf 
please note! 
· Guide cart (※ not available for passenger cart)  · 9h half play  · Complete self-playing (※ The bag stacking is self)  ※ Shower can not be used.  ※ "Changing Locker" is not available  ※ Half play special treatment discount ticket can not be used. 
Locker and shower can not be used to prevent adherence. Come with golfware and half play and go home with golfware.  If you have a player who is thoroughly preventing infection prevention, it is appreciated! 
1 Golf Plan Price 
¥ 3,000 
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 
¥ 5,000 
How to make a reservation 
Reserve from the net 
The start is 6:50 and 14:05.  Himeji Seaside Golf reserved page is  Click this . 
Book by phone 
It seems that you can make a reservation or book. I can not make a reservation on the day from the net, but if it is a phone, it seems to be able to make a reservation if it is open on the day. In addition, it seems that there is a time to make a reservation even at time other than the Internet reservation. However, the phone reservation on the day is from 10 o'clock. For more information, let's call and listen. 
business hours 
6: 30-18: 00 
Street address 
Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture 2035-4 
phone number 


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