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About the Himeji Robo Challenge 26th Annual Meeting "Summer Party"
The two-legged robot competition "Himeji Robo Challenge 26th Competition" will be held on Sunday, 14 July (Saturday), July 13 (2019). The event will be held in two categories, from primary school students to high school students in the entry class and advanced classes in the standard class.
About the 26th Himeji Robot Challenge "Summer Party"
The Himeji Robo Challenge is held twice a year (summer and winter teams) in a bipedal walking robot competition that began in 2005. The overall winner of the standard class will be awarded the Mayor of Himeji Award, and the overall winner of the entry class will be awarded the Mayor of Himeji Mayor of Education. It is characterized by the introduction of autonomous games in which the robot itself judges and operates, as well as remote control operations.

 Please see the Himeji Robo Challenge homepage (https://www.city.himeji.lg.jp/atom/robo/robo_challenge/index.html) for the status of the tournament so far.
Date and time
Entry class
 Saturday, July 13, 1980, from 10:00 to 16:45

 Standard class
 Reiwa July 14 (Sunday) @ 10:10 to 16:40
Competition content
Entry class (13th)
 "Challenge Stage", Autonomous Competition "Look for Pong", "Robo Time Attack", "Robot Battle Game"

 Standard class (14th)
 "Demonstration & Challenge Stage", Autonomous Competition "Look for Pong", "Robo Triathlon", "Robot Battle Game"
Himeji Science Museum 1st floor special exhibition room
Viewing fee
Himeji Robot Challenge Executive Committee, Himeji Science Museum
Contact information
Division in charge Himeji City Himeji Science Museum

 Person in charge Yasuda

 Phone number 079-267-3001


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