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About reopening of school in Himeji City
Himeji City has announced the schedule for lifting temporary school closures and reopening schools.
About reopening date
(1) Elementary school, junior high school, compulsory education school and special support school

 Resumed on Tuesday, April 7, 2nd Reiwa

 The school will be attended as usual, and will be completely retired at 4 PM.

 (2) High school

 Resumed from Wednesday, April 8, 2nd Reiwa

 (3) Kindergarten

 Resumed on Friday, April 10, 2nd year of Reiwa
Points to keep in mind during implementation
Although Hyogo Prefecture is not an “infected area to watch out for infection”, infection is still seen in many areas. In addition, about period, it is from April 7, 2019 (Tuesday) to April 19, Sunday.
About health observation
Be sure to measure your body temperature at home before going to school and attend school, and make sure that you have no cold symptoms.
About entrance ceremony, entrance ceremony, opening ceremony
The program will be implemented while reducing the number of participants and shortening the entire ceremony to prevent the spread of infection.
About club activities
Activities are limited to the school. Implemented in accordance with the club activity guidelines of each school that set activity hours and rest days.
About school events
The first semester is positioned as a “period of emphasis on learning”, and we plan to postpone school events (athletics and music concerts) scheduled for the first semester after the second semester. We will consider canceling visit days and home visits at the beginning of the year.
About municipal high school
In order to respond to school hours, educational activities, etc., we will carry out time-staggered commuting and complete 3 pm school leave in accordance with the prefectural high school in the 4th school district.
Department /Contact
Himeji City Board of Education Health Education Section

 Phone: 079-221-2770
Reference homepage
Click on the URL to go to the Himeji City homepage.


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