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Holding of the second Japan Heritage "Silver carriage road / ore road" Kawayanagi contest
We carry out the Kawayanagi contest so that children along the railway will increase interest and interest in the Japanese heritage 'Silver carriage road and ore road' and bring pride and attachment to the local community.
1. Recruitment theme
 Kawayanagi on the theme of rich nature and cultural history along the Japanese heritage "Silver carriageway and ore path"
 Only unpublished words per person

 2. Application period
 Reiwa 1 July (Mon)-September 20 (Fri) (must arrive)

 3. Application qualifications
 4th grade to 3rd grade students living or attending along the silver carriageway or ore road (Himeji, Fukusaki, Ichikawa, Kamikawa, Asago, Yabu)

 4. Application method
 Fill in the required information on the application form (the back of the attached flyer) and apply in the following way
 ①Communicate by school or mail to Nakaharima Prefectural Citizens' Industrial Tourism Division or fax
 ②Email (info@gin-basha.jp)
 ③ Postcard

 5. Examination method
 Jury selection
 Best prize {1 point} (Certificate, 10,000 yen book card and Naka Harima specialty)
 Excellent prize {2 points} (certificate, 5,000 yen book card and Naka Harima special product)
 Special Judge's Award (Several points) (Certificate of certificate, 3000 yen book card and Naka Harima special product)

 6 announcement
 First year of Reiwa late November (planned)
 Notify the relevant person and post it on the "Gin no Bashamichi" website

 7 Sponsored by the Silver Carriage Network Association co-sponsored by the Japan Heritage "Silver Carriage and Ore Road" Promotion Council

 8 Contact: Nakaharima Prefectural Citizens' Exchange Office, Industrial Tourism Division (in charge of silver carriages) TEL: 079-281-9034


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