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We eat and drink the second "Himeji Festabal holding group" and enjoy in discount!
Himeji Festival will be held on 6/19 (Tue), 6/20 (Wed) and 6/21 (Thu). Eat, drink and have fun! We will be able to eat discounted bar menu worth 1,000 yen for each participating store for 500 yen per sheet!
Where is Himeji Festival?
It is just off Himeji Station and near the entrance of the Miyuki-dori shopping street.
 Festival is held at

 ● Festa Building
 ● Noren Street (located on the first floor of Festa Building)
 ● Grand Festa (under the Festa, it is connected to the Himeji Station underground.)

How long is Festabal doing?
● Period: 3 days of 6/18 (Tue), 6/19 (Wed), 6/20 (Thu)

 ● Time: 11: 00-23: 00
What kind of shops are participating in the bar?
[Himeji Underground Shopping Center Grand Festa]
 3rd Avenue: ● Maki Ekisoba ● Coffee Willow ● DIVA COFFEE
 Fifth Avenue: ● Ishibiki Soba Gozaseki ● Fukizushi ● Takopia ● Curry House CoCo Ichibanya6th Avenue: ● BOSS pork ● Fuji-tei ● Kaiya malhou ● Kyochabana ● Yakiniku roasted shrine gate ● Tenharu Suisan Poppo house ● Tsurukame Hachiban

 [Himeji Ekimae Festa Building]
 1F: ● Saint-Marc Cafe ● Butaya Ton-
 2F: ● Capricciosa ● Banshu Sumiyaemon
 3F: ● Gust ● All-you-can-eat Shabu-Shabu Tajimaya
 4F: ● Banshu Dining GOTTO ● STELLA GARDEN

 [Himeji Noren Street (1F, Himeji Ekimae Festa Building)]
 ● Himeji's shop ● Maru Masaya ● Himeji's Thai stall Rei ● @ Fishery /Himeji sake appetizer

 For more information,  Click here 
How can I participate in the festival?
We purchase meal ticket and participate.
 Each ticket costs 1,000 yen.

 ● 4 spells: 2,000 yen
 ● Sales period: May 31 (Fri)-June 2 (Sun) 11: 00-14: 00/17: 00-10: 00
 ● Sales location: 1st floor of Festa Building, special booth next to Dipper Dan

  * Please note that the number is limited.
 ● 4 spells: 2,400 yen
 ● Sales period: 6/18 (Tue.) to 20 (Thu.) 11:30 to 20:00
 ● Sales location: 1st floor of Festa Building, special booth next to Dipper Dan

 For advance tickets, 500 yen per ticket, so you can save 500 yen!
 Since one day ticket is 600 yen per ticket, 400 yen is also saved!
What do you do if you get a ticket?
Also, during the bar period (6 /22-7 /7), you can use it as a 500 yen meal ticket at Bar participating stores.
Miniskapolis Drinking Inspection & Large Lottery
● Miniscapolis I'm arrested!
 A mini skapolis patrols each store and checks the customers who want to drink.
 Splendidly! ? Gifts are presented to customers who get stuck!

 Date 6/18 (Tue)
 Holding time 18: 00-22: 00
 Venue Festabal participating stores

 ● Kyobashi sink
 Nagashi is a culture in which musicians travel around the bar with guitars and lyrics to perform popular songs and perform songs on request.

 Date 6/19 (Wed)
 Time 19:00-21:30
 Stores Fukuzushi, Saizeriya, Tsurukame Hachiban, Fujitei, Kaiya Marhou, Kyo Chabana, Tensui Fisheries Shop, Himeji Shop, Marumasa House, Himeji Thai Food Rei ・ 〇 Fishery /fish sushi /capricciosa /banshu charcoal gate

 ● Lottery (Huge Gacha) or (Golf Challenge)
 Challenge by collecting 3 stamps from different stores during the period!
 * Ends as soon as the prize runs out

 Date Thursday, June 20
 13: 00-22: 00
 Location (Gacha-gacha) Festa Building 1F Next to Dipper Dan
 (Golf) Grand Festa 6th Avenue opposite BOSS Pig
Official homepage
 Click here for Himeji Festabal official website 


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