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Preview @ Earth Cinemas Himeji "Theatrical Edition # Final Fantasy XIV # Dad of Light"
A screening of “The Movie version # Final Fantasy XIV # Dad of Light” will be screened at 19th June 17 (Mon) on Earth Cinemas Himeji. Introduce the outline of the movie and how to apply!
Synopsis of the movie
Mitsuo Inaba, a young man who likes games and enjoys the MMORPG game "Final Fantasy XIV", along with game friends on the net.
One day, Mitsuo heard that his father, who had been working hard, suddenly retired, and was concerned about his feelings. However, the conversation between the father and son had disappeared since he was misled when he was young. When I talked to my FFXIV friends (FC members) about the problem, it was suggested that I invite my father to the game.

 Dad, approaching the character "Indy" operated by Hirotaro, daringly hiding being a son, registering as a friend, continuing adventure together, supporting father's game strategy while going back and forth between reality and online Then, after defeating the boss at the end of the capture, he reveals himself ... It was a spectacular online development project that took months.

 With the cooperation of friends, overcoming various difficulties, the `` Hikari's Dad Plan, '' which trains his father, Hirotaro, as a brave in the world of "FFXIV," as a "warrior of light," It has just begun.

 Click the URL for the official movie site!
Application method
 First, you need a Twitter account to apply. You can register for an account for free.

 ◆ Screening location
 Earth Cinemas Himeji Terasso 4F

 ◆ Those who can apply
 Those who can tweet their impressions by the next day after watching
 Those who use Twitter on a daily basis
 Those who are going to send in the future
 Public account

 ◆ How to apply
 Follow the account of Earth Cinemas Himeji
 Retweet the tweet of the preview

 ◆ Application deadline
 Until 23:59 on June 9

 ◆ Winning announcement
 Announced on DM sequentially from June 11


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