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Himeji Central Park, the largest resort pool in western Japan
Himeji Central Park has one of the largest pools in western Japan! 5 pools and 6 sliders! Introducing the night pool.
5 types of pools
Running water pool
Classic flowing pool ♪
 This is a gourd-shaped pool that flows slowly.
 Leave yourself in the flow of water.

 Total area 1,830m²
 One lap about 260m
 6m wide
 Water depth about 1.1m
 Flow velocity 0.6m /sec
Nagisa Pool
A shallow pool with beautiful water gradation.
 It's easy to hear the tide.
 Because it is shallow, small children are safe!
 Let's enjoy the tropical feeling as if you were on the beach ♪

 Circular deformation
 Total area 700m²
 Long diameter 40m
 Minor diameter 15m
 Water depth 0-90cm
Kids pool
Kids pool with oversized jacuzzi ♪
 Water Resort!
 Water attraction for children "Pirates Kids Aquaria"
 The water dripping from the big bucket overhead is exciting! !
 The pool is full of excitement ♪
Rock pool
Pool surrounded by rocks in the great outdoors.
 The pool is on the mountain so you can overlook the aquaria!
 Adjacent to seven large and small pools in a terraced fashion.
 Outstanding view! Please relax slowly! !
 Recommended ♪

 Total area 1,300m²
 Water depth 50cm-1m
Bubble pool
Bubble pool where you can enjoy a lot of bubbles! This is a new type of swimming pool where you can enjoy the whole body covered with foam! Adults as well as children are excited! !
Night pool
A photogenic night pool is born at Himeji Central Park! Be ahead of the season with a sparkling colorful pool! Please enjoy a fantastic atmosphere with your whole body. And at the time of fireworks holding, tension rises at a stretch! Please enjoy the luxurious time to enjoy fireworks from the pool.
6 sliders
Surfing downhill
A slider that slides down on a surf mat from a small hill!
 The pleasure of sliding! Addicting! !
 You can feel the surfer feeling ♪
 Compete with friends, family and couples! Lady Go ♪♪

 Length: 120m x 3 lanes
 1.5m width
 Height difference 9m
 Running speed about 20km /h
 Running time about 10 seconds
 Height restrictions
 * Available for people over 110cm tall.
Rocky river run
Fear of the river! Sit down on the dedicated airway, hold the grip of the airway firmly, and flow down to the landing pool with the current. The splashing splashes are refreshing! Splashing fast with dedicated air ♪ Splashing splash! A popping body! ! It is pleasant! ! !

 Total length 160m
 3m wide
 Height difference 20m
 Maximum gradient 20 degrees
 Running speed about 17-20km /h
 Running time about 40 seconds
 Height restrictions
 * Available for people over 130cm tall.
Water slider
A meandering slider that slides on your body!
 A water slider full of speed and thrills that slides down a stretch of 100m along a stream at a stretch. The thrill of jumping into the pool at the final point with Pashan is not enough!
 * The material of the swimsuit makes it less slippery.

 Total length 100m x 2 courses
 14m wide
 Height restrictions
 * Available for people over 130cm tall.
GOGO slider
An unprecedented race slider that slides down from 12m in height with 5 people at once!
 Let's compete with family and friends! Who will be number one?

 Total length 72.3m
 Height 12.2m
 Maximum tilt angle 30 degrees
 Number of lanes 5 lanes
 Maximum 5 people /1 person per lane at a time
 Sliding method Exclusive mat
 Height and weight restrictions
 * Available for people over 120cm tall. Not available for those weighing more than 120kg (less than 25kg).
UFO rafting
A four-seater round boat with a slick route! Once you slip, you will definitely be addicted!

 Total length 89.3m
 Height 9.3m
 Maximum tilt angle 13 degrees
 Number of lanes 1 lane
 Maximum 4 people
 Riding method Exclusive circular boat
 Height and weight restrictions
 * Available for people over 120cm tall. Not available for those weighing more than 120kg (less than 25kg).
Pirates Kids Aquaria
Slider [1]
 * Persons under 3 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian.

 Slider [2]

 Total length 25m70cm
 Slider [3]

 Height and weight restrictions
 * Those with a height of less than 100 cm and a weight of 120 kg or more cannot be used.
Family deck
A relaxing space for families in the aquaria ♪
 A large tent has a table, 4 chairs and 2 deck chairs.
 Let's play Aquaria here! ! The family tent limited to 20 sets is the first-come-first-served basis! Please hurry to the information.

 Facilities Mountaintop area: 11 spaces
 Running water pool area: 9 spaces
 (no smoking)
 Capacity for about 4 to 6 people
 (1 day) Mountaintop area: 5,000 yen
 Running water pool area: 7,000 yen
 Reservation not possible * Reception is to information
sun deck
A relaxing space in the aquaria ♪
 One table, two chairs, two deck chairs and umbrellas. You can relax slowly even if it is crowded ♪
 It is not known that it is anything but the scenery from here is excellent! ! The staff is a push! Please hurry to the information because it is first come, first served.

 Equipment A area: 10 spaces, B area: 10 spaces
 Area C: 9 spaces, Area D: 6 spaces,
 E area: 3 spaces, F area: 3 spaces
 (no smoking)
 Capacity for about 2 to 4 people
 (1 day) A /B area: 2,500 yen
 C /D /E /F area: 2,000 yen
 Reservation not possible * Reception is to information
Usage fee
Official homepage
Click the URL for the official homepage

  https://www.central-park.co.jp/aquarea /


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