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YouTuber Pianist "Yomi" is playing piano at Himeji! Song of Yoasobi and Kashiwa Caba 
Your pianist's famous Yomi played a piano at Himeji. The otaku-like amateur is quite cool and the piano plays a piano! 
Yomiya appeared in the Hime Aya Festival! 
Pianist Yomi Shiho offers piano performance at the citizen participation music event called Himeji Himeko! It was a wonderful tone, and everyone was grabbed everyone 's heart. Music is wonderful. 
Himono Festival 2020 
Princess Festival 2019 
What is the princess festival? ? 
It is a citizen-participant music event that started from 2018 as part of the "Music Town and Himeji" project, which is the power of music that Himeji is working well with the power of the music. 
It seems to be courage to play the street piano after the performance of Yomi-san, laughs  What wonderful music can you listen to the next? It is expected to seek to the next princess festival! ! 


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