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Himeji City will start online application for special fixed benefit from May 4th
Himeji City will start accepting online applications for special fixed benefit payments from May 4th, which will allow you to receive a benefit of 100,000 yen per person.
About online application acceptance of special fixed benefit
〇 The special fixed benefit is 100,000 yen per person regardless of adult or child
 ○ Application is required to receive benefits
 You can apply online from May 4th if you have a My Number Card
 ○ If you do not have a My Number card, you can apply from May 20th using the application form sent by mail.
We will start accepting online applications for special fixed benefit payments from 9 am on May 4, 2019.
  online application for a special flat-rate benefits is here. Please apply.  (Connects to the perfect service of the minor portal)
An explanatory video about how to apply online
Online application support call center opened
To respond to inquiries regarding online applications during the Golden Week period, we will open our own "online application support call center".
 Opening period: From 9:00 am, Monday, May 4, 2nd year to 6:00 pm, Wednesday, May 6, 2nd year, 2019 (24 hours during the period)
 Telephone number: 079-221-1501
 We plan to set up a call center to respond to all inquiries regarding special fixed benefit payments from Thursday, May 7, 2012.
About special fixed benefit
As an emergency economic measure for new coronavirus infectious diseases, 100,000 yen will be paid for each eligible person.
Benefits and beneficiaries
Beneficiary: A person who has a resident registration in Himeji City on the reference date (April 27, 2nd year of Reiwa)
 Beneficiary: Head of the household to which the person belongs
Benefit amount
100,000 yen per person eligible for payment
How to apply
From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, the application method of benefits is basically as follows.
Apply online (applicable if the head of household has a My Number card)
Reception will start at 9:00 am on May 4, 2012 (Monday, National Holiday).
 A head of household must have a personal number card with an electronic certificate (Note).
 (Note) Digital certificate for signature registered with 6 to 16 alphanumeric characters
 You need a smartphone that supports reading My Number Card or a personal computer that has an IC card reader that supports reading My Number Card.
 If you do not meet the above requirements, please use the mail application.Even if you apply online, the application form may be mailed, but you do not need to apply again.
Application by mail
Registration will start on Wednesday, May 20, 2019.
 The application form will be sent to the head of household. (Sequential shipment from mid-May)
 Enter the transfer account in the application form, and confirm the transfer account confirmation documents (copy of passbook or cash card) and identity verification documents (My number card, driver's license, health insurance card, pension notebook, etc.) Please return it together with a copy in the enclosed reply envelope.
Payment method
Transfer to the bank account in the name of the applicant
Application deadline
Postmark effective on Thursday, August 20, 2019
Payment start date (planned)
We are preparing for the benefit from the end of May.
About correspondence to people evacuating because of violence from spouse
Those who are evacuating due to violence from their spouse and who cannot move their resident card to the municipality where they currently live before April 27, 2nd Reiwa, during the application period (4 You can apply for benefits in Himeji City by applying from 24th of April to 30th of April).
 Even if you are not the head of the household, you can apply for and receive the special fixed benefit, including the amount of your companion.
 Special flat-rate benefits for those who performed the procedures and their accompanying persons will not be paid even if there is an application from the head of household (spouse, etc.).
Have received a protection order based on the Spousal Violence Prevention Act
 A confirmation letter from a spouse violence response organization (spousal violence consultation support center, etc.) has been issued.
 The resident's card has been moved to the current location after April 28, 2019, and is subject to "support measures" such as restrictions on reading the Basic Resident Register.
About application
If you would like to make an application, please submit the application form to the Special Fixed Benefits Department from April 24 to April 30, 2019.
 You can apply after April 30, 2013, but we ask that you apply as soon as possible.If you live in another municipality with your resident card in Himeji City, please submit the application form to the special fixed benefit charge window of the municipality you are currently living in.
Please be careful about special fraud
Please be aware of the "fraud transfer fraud" and "personal information" "passbook, cash card" and "personal identification number" fraud that took advantage of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Himeji City, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, etc. will not ask you to operate the ATM for the special fixed benefit.
 Himeji City, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, etc. do not ask for the transfer of fees for the payment of special fixed benefit.
 At the moment, Himeji City, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, etc. make inquiries about the household composition, date of birth, bank account number, etc. of the residents by telephone, mail, e-mail, etc. in order to pay the special fixed benefit. There is nothing to do.
 If you have a suspicious call, mail, or email that mentions the city or country, please contact Himeji City or the police station (# 9110).

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