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Retro and cute! Old-fashioned Himeji public bath "Shirahama Onsen"
I would like to introduce "Shirahama Onsen" in Shirahama-cho, Himeji, which is famous for the Nada fighting festival, because it is retro and cute.
The entrance is also retro and irresistible
Let's go inside.

Rattle rattle
It's a spacious dressing room that reminds me of the Showa era.
450 yen for junior high school students and above
160 yen for elementary school students and above
60 yen for other children
I like the town where kids come to the public bath to play.

Free towels, shampoo, soap and hairdryer

Business hours are
4:30-8:30 in the evening
Closed Sundays and Wednesdays
It really looks like a movie set
The retro feel is cool

Let's go to the bathhouse
Certainly cute tile design
It's a bath that you really want to use for one scene of a movie.
It is a sento that is irresistible for those who like retro spaces and baths

7 minutes walk from Shirahamanomiya Station
There seems to be a parking lot

Why don't you enjoy a bath in a retro and stylish space?
It is also close to the Shirahama beach and Hachiya Golf Center.
You can stop by after exercising.


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