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Sanyo Junior High School announces that girls will also standardize on slacks uniforms
Himeji City Sanyo Junior High School announces a uniform model change. Both men and women have standardized blazer and slacks uniforms, and announced that both men and women can wear skirts if they apply.
The uniform in Sanyo is this!
⭐⭐ Blazer and slacks standard with men and women  ⭐⭐ New uniform starts from next year  ⭐⭐ Wearing a skirt is necessary for application  ⭐⭐ If boys are also selected, wearing skirts OK  ⭐⭐ Slacks and skirts Select only the first year 
Women should set the slacks as a standard, as the skirt and slacks are selected as a standard and choice of slacks and slacks, and the slacks do not come out so much.  The slacks and skirts have been selected for one year what is selected at the beginning of the year.  You can only choose to choose either once a year, and you won't have a little cramped. 
Announcement from Sanyo Junior High School 
To a new era  Uniform model change 
Himeji City Sanyo Junior High School is the direction of new uniforms adopted from the third year of the case of the third year, and the future of the future is seen from the perspective of "change of the times", "change of environment", "change of male and female" Migrate to a uniform that is appropriate. As with the arrival of the Global Society, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has promoted ICT education in the realization of the GIGA school concept, and in Himeji City, various PCs are developed during this year, etc. As the importance of education increases, the way of school classes also changes significantly.
However, as a sustainable development goal, which is a common goal in the international community, "gender equality" which is one of the SDGS17 indicators, Japan is a low level in the world, as Japan is low in the world, as they are low in the world. We sought. At school sites now, at domestic developed schools, we have introduced a female slacks selection system as well as changing to blazer type uniforms, and are often reported nationwide, but if you look at your situation, It is where some challenges as Genderless Uniform are getting up with some of them.
While organizing those challenges, in our school, based on the social life style "Society's Collection", we will precede the new environment and a global perspective, and as a male and female standard, the slacks and blazer type uniforms Transform. In addition, we also admit wearing skirt over various circumstances.
※ (1) Change of era (2) Change of environment (3) Changes in male and female
(1) A uniform unknown since the school in 1952 is a contemporary or even a future
(2) We shall meet natural environment such as global warming and classroom environment

(3) Make a blazer swrax that emphasizes the functionality, motility and safety required for school life without judging the gender and "cute" and "lovely".
○ Changes in the way of "age, society" and men and women
· 75 years after the war Why is it still with postcard college school clothes and sailor clothes?
· The arrival of GIGA school concept AI era
SDGS (Sustainable Development Goal) Gender Equality Realized Genderless Society
· Sexual minority support (including LGBT)
○ Change of school environment
· Air conditioning fee
· Dry type of toilet
○ Benefit of the blazer
· Easy to attach and detach
· Adjustment of fine weather (body temperature adjustment) is easy
· The neck and chest is open
○ Merit of Slacks (Trousers)
· Correspondence measures against cold measures
· Safety crime prevention
· Movement easy to move (school life, cleaning activity, bicycle attention, meeting)
ス Skirt (application required)
Standard Slax Application Skirt
Every day, it does not wear alternately by time
However, the first change of the year is possible

Quotation source  Himeji City school garden homepage  

2022/01/28 20:55
校長教頭共にスラックスが正しい制服とするねらば。スカートがはきたいとかの理由での申請を受付せず。 身体的理由による申請し受付しないとはっきりしていただきたい。 幼い子供からすると。中途半端な選べるような物言いはやめていただきたい。 はっきりズボンしか履けない‼️って言うて貰う方が親としても普通の制服を買うと言うてんでありがたい
2020/12/31 18:11
2020/12/24 09:29
スカート申請するかしないかで子供と話し合いを重ねてる 娘も私も頭おかしくなりそう
2020/10/01 07:20

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