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7.6 (Sat) sales start. Premier ticket with pre-sale ticket sales! Earth Cinemas Himeji
"Theatrical version Kamen Rider Gio Over Quartzer / Knight Ryu Sentai Ryu Soger THE MOVIE time slip! Dinosaur Panic !!
Premier bonus advance ticket  sale decision!
Released on Friday, July 26, 2019
 "Movie Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer /Knight Ryu Sentai Ryusouja THE MOVIE Time Slip!" Dinosaur Panic !! ''
 Advance tickets with premier benefits will be on sale.
Launch date and time
7/6 (Sat) 8:30 Sold from theater opening
Advance Ticket with Premier Benefits
Kamen Rider Zio Ver.
Premier General Ticket (Mubichike)


 DX Den-O Climax Form Ride Watch

 Price: 3,200 yen
Ryu soja ver.
Premier General Ticket (Mubichike)


 Uranai Soul + Movie Soul

 Price: 2,300 yen
Purchase restrictions
Up to 2 sets for each version per customer

 Theatrical version "Jiou Ryusouja" Production Committee (C) Ishimori Pro, TV Asahi, ADK, Toei (C) 2019 TV Asahi, Toei AG, Toei

 If you wish to purchase, please check the notes and thank you for your cooperation.
[Advance ticket] Precautions when purchasing
* We will refuse to line up all night long, because it will cause disaster prevention, customer safety, and inconvenience to the neighborhood.
 * Please note that sales are limited due to limited quantities.
 * Payment is available in cash only.
[To customers coming by car]
The automatic door of the connecting passage connecting the 4th floor parking lot and the main building is open 15 minutes after the opening time.
 Take the parking elevator to the 1st floor and come to the north see-through elevator.
 * Purchase of advance tickets is not applicable to parking services. Please note.


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