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The scene of Himeji on James Bond "007 is died twice"! Mismatch of spaceship technology and miracle of the Eron Mask! ? 
If there is a scene of Himeji in 1967, there is a scene of Himeji twice, and I checked it with Twitter, so I checked it! 
There was a scene of Himeji on that 007! 
Location scene at Himeji Castle 
Men of Japanese clothes that are photographed with James Bond's role of Shaun Connelly are Young Tamba Tetsuro. 

Iron Mask Rocket and Miracle Match! ? 
Landing technology together! ? 
First of all, please see how Iron Mask Rocket Lands. 
The rocket of the Eron Mask is landing a rocket using the technology called reverse journey. Next, please see the landing scene of the rocket in the movie. 
What is it? !  It is not clear that the Eron Mask was referring to this scene, probably, or it is not clear. 
What about space clothes and rockets? ? 
Eron Mask Space Clothes and Rockets 
Space clothes and rockets that appear in the movie 
Please see the movie one scene. 
Whether it is similar, let's leave it to your judgment. 
Even so, Sun Connerry after the age is also cool, but the Shaun Connerry is also very handsome!  Look at the old masterpiece and enjoy your home time? 


姫路 の注目記事!
関西 の注目記事!