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Joe Hisaishi comes to Himeji! Hisaishi Jiki ✖️️ Himeji Special Conference of Nippon Century Symphony Orchestra 
Hisaishi Himeji Opening and Nippon Century Symphony Orchestra will decorate gorgeously with Ghibli's famous songs! 
Date and time of holding 
September 19, 2021 (Sunday)  Opening at 15:00 (in 14:00) 
Kiyoshi Kiyoshi  Performance Japan Century Symphony Orchestra 
Mendelssohn/Symphony No. 4 III Oment Products 90 "Italy"  Kiyoshi Yo/Mladi for Piano and Strings  Kiyoshi Yo/Symphonic Suite Castle in the Sky 
Ticket information 
Admission fee 
S seat 6,000 yen  A seat 5,000 yen  B seat 4,000 yen  High school students or less half  ※ All seats specified ※ Not schooled school entrance 
Release date 
Foundation Friends Meeting: March 29 (Monday)  General Release: March 31 (Wednesday) 
How to buy 
Purchase at the window 
Himeji City Culture Center Tel.  079-298-8015   Parnasos Hall Tel.  079-297-1141   Himeji Caspa Hall Tel.  079-284-5806   ※ The opening hours of the above-mentioned play guide are 9:00 to 11:30/12:30 to 17:00.  ※ Foundation friend's meeting, general release of telephone receptionist is from 10:00.  ※ If you are at least 10 sheets at the above window, you will be discounted by one. 
Buy at a convenience store 
Lawson Ticket L Code 53295  Ticket Pia P Code 193-326  E + (E-Plus)  Click this   ※ Separate ticket fee will be charged 


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