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Starbucks Himeji South Store is a clue employee for a long time with new coronavirus 
Starbucks Coffee Japan announced that the employee has been closed for the Himeji South Store by infection with a new coronavirus. 
Notice of store closing associated with new coronavirus infection (Himeji Minami store)

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
We confirmed that the partner (employee) working for Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. was infected with new coronavirus (COVID-19).

We will report measures to take measures in the following contents from today to prevent and prevent infection expansion.

■ Store name for partners: Starbucks Coffee Himeji South Store
■ About the store: July 21 (Tuesday) During the night from the night, we carry out a temporary leave
■ Confirmation date: July 21 (Tuesday) * The partner hospitalized at the designated hospital from the health center
■ Number of people confirmed infection: 1 person
■ Correspondence to other partners at the store: From July 21st to the home waiting for home
■ Other Correspondence: The store is carefully careful about stores and disinfecting and resuming safety

While a variety of efforts to prevent infections of new coronavirus infection are being made, Starbucks will first consider our customers' safety and work every day so that partners across the country can work with peace of mind. In view of the status of the store location, the guidelines and presentations of governments and local governments, etc., we will continue to continue their aggressive decisions so that you can use it with confidence.
We would like to further understand and cooperate with our customers.

Quoted source:  Starbucks Japan Official Homepage  


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