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The familiar "Ginza ni Shikawa" is open at Himeji's Grand Festa!
Opened on June 8th (Mon) at the Grand Festival in Shikawa ga Himeji in Ginza, which is famous for its water-friendly luxury bread.
Reservations at the store have started.
I was particular about
Used for water
Proprietary alkaline ionized water
Flour, fresh cream, butter, etc.
Exquisitely bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients
The unique bread is born
“Fine bread that sticks to water”
One (2 pieces) 800 yen (excluding tax)
The mysterious sweetness produced by combining honey, fresh cream and butter in the finest Canadian flour ingredients. You can fully enjoy this deliciousness even with raw food.
In collaboration with Kamawanu Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in tenugui, we created a furoshiki for bread. The material used is 100% cotton, which has excellent hygroscopicity and breathability, assuming that it will wrap freshly baked bread. The pattern is Sugi Aya, one of the traditional Japanese patterns, which is our brand color Ginza Nishikawa Red (red), Ginza Nishikawa Yellow (yellow), Ginza Nishikawa Green (green), Ginza Nishikawa Blue (blue). I dyed it in 4 colors.  Each color 1,200 yen (excluding tax) 


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