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Himeji Literature Museum Opening 30th Anniversary "Cat Dayhan 35th Anniversary Ikeda Akiko Road Exhibition" 
"Ikeda Akiko" created by "Ikeda Akiko" from the birth of a cat, "Ikeda Akiko" created by the picture of "Ikeda" 
What do you do? ? 
When are you doing? ? 
Holding period: April 17, 202 (Sat) -June 6 (Sun)  10:00 am to 5 pm (admission to 4:30 pm)  ※ Closed day: Every Monday, May 6 (Thu), ※ Thursday April 29 (Thu)-May 5 (Wed)   [Notice of Resumption]  We were closed temporarily, as we were closed in accordance with the coping policy of Himeji City with emergency declaration.  
Where are you doing? ? 
Hyogo Prefecture Himeji City Yamanomachi 84th Himeji Literature Museum Kitakan 
phone number 
What is the admission fee? ? 
University, high school student 
Junior high school, elementary school 
700 yen 
400 yen 
200 yen 
※ There are two groups of more than 20 people, ※ ※ permanent exhibition is also available  ■ Credit card, electronic money, etc. can not be used. 


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