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Cheese and raw chicks shop "Bene (Bene)" 
Both cheese and raw honey shop open to "Cuel" 
What kind of shop? ? 
 Commitment "Raw Honey"   Since the "raw honey" handled in our shop is provided by general honey, it is provided by non-heating and additive, the nutritional value is also excellent in the original flavor ♪ "Osaka, Sakai City) "We use carefully selected chores of selling! 
 Enjoy all 10 cheese dishes!   We have 10 kinds of delicious cheese in the world, including Hokkaido Road. We love cheese with fresh cheese, toro and lacretle cheese. Melting cheese is SNS shot no mistake ★ Please enjoy the cheese taste until it is comfortable ♪ 
Atmosphere in the store 
Table seat 
Private room 
Terrace seat 
What is the menu? ? 
Cheese and raw chicks shop "Bene (Bene)"
 Baked 天 cheese cheese and raw honey   935 yen (tax included)  I was braked and grilled a brand-made brand, and I wrapped raw cheese and cheese in a grilled salmon with a thick and moist and finished. 
Cheese and raw chicks shop "Bene (Bene)"
 Homemade Roast Beef [Single]   1,628 yen (tax included)  Roast beefs that have always been warm in the baked plate ◎ [Racletch cheese + 700 yen]   Raclett cheese casket   2,090 yen (tax included) 
Cheese and raw chicks shop "Bene (Bene)"
 Korean Status Breek Cheese Ball 5 pieces   528 yen (tax included)  I wrapped mozzarella cheese with the fabric of Momichichi. [Motts Allela use] 
Cheese and raw chicks shop "Bene (Bene)"
 King & Queen-Best Raw Honey and Camembert ~   1,628 yen (tax included)  A quarter article, with a luxury of golden nest honey on a warm camman veil. 
Where is it? ? 
store information 
phone number 
business hours 
11: 00-23: 00 (weekdays 22:00) 
Street address 
Himeji Himeji City West Ekimae 1-4 Cuel Himeji 3F 
Seat booking page 
Bene seat reservation page 
BENE official homepage 


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