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The 49th Minato Kobe Maritime Fireworks Festival
Shining the whole area of Kobe Port
The 49th Minato Kobe Sea Fireworks Festival is a dynamic fireworks that includes 60 round shots from the center of the harbor with various landmarks representing Kobe, such as the port tower, which is said to be a $ 10 million night view, and the Maritime Museum. Launch. Powerful fireworks that you can see up close from Meriken Park and the 2nd to 4th jetty. Fireworks with the night view of Kobe overlooking the Rokko Mountains from Port Island. Reflection fireworks with a $ 10 million night view shining between the hills such as Mt. Maya. You can enjoy the "Minato Kobe Marine Fireworks Festival" with various expressions in various places. This year, Meriken Park and Harborland are newly added to the general support seats where people can sit and sit on chairs.
The 49th Minato Kobe Marine Fireworks Festival Information
◆ Fireworks information
 About 6500 launches
 Launch time about 60 minutes
 About 330,000 people from the previous year
 Date and time: Saturday, August 3, 2019 19: 30-20: 3020
 In case of stormy weather, run on rainy day
 Paid seats General sales are from Monday, June 24th. See the official website for how to purchase Reserved seats: Meriken Park Observation Square (advance ticket: 4500 yen per seat, 1 set of pair seats 15,000 yen), Harborland Takahama quay (advance ticket: 4000 yen per seat) Free seat: Shinko No. 2 Jetty /Fourth jetty (advance ticket: 1100 yen for 3 seats (same-day ticket: 3600 yen for 1 seat)

 ◆ Spot information
 Launch location 20 minutes on foot from JR Sannomiya Station, Hankyu Railway /Hanshin Electric Railway Kobe Sannomiya Station MAP
 Parking ×
 Contact 078-333-3372 Kobe City Event Information and Application Center

 Click the URL for the official website


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